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About Us


Our Team Spirit

Season 4. We've worked hard over the past few seasons to keep our fans entertained and our player playing at a high level of Basketball. Averaging over a 125 points a game. We're looking forward to compete for the ABA National Champion.


Our Home Field

We will play all of our home games at the Aztec Gym, Located on the Pima West Community College Campus. Please view at our Schedule to see for any upcoming games or events. 


The Seasons

We are excited about our 4th Season in the ABA. We have a full 16 game schedule. With a lot high scoring action ahead of us. We still have a few player positions that need to be filled so if your a true baller, reach out to us. ABA Basketball

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Our fans are a real part of our team. Send us a message to cheer us on, or ask us a question about our training. We look forward to hearing from you, and we will get back to you soon.

Tucson Buckets

Tucson, Arizona, United States


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