Ball Kid

Ball Kids Requirements


For the First time, The Tucson Buckets will be looking for Ballkids. Ballkids are selected from the Jr. Buckets hoop camps or team, participants will perform various game night responsibilities at Pima Community College. Buckets Ballkids must be between the ages of 12 and 17, display a good work ethic, have good grades in school, and have a great attitude.

Ball Kid Responsibilities


• Greeting fans as they enter Pima Community College for Buckets home games
• Handing out promotional items at the doors
• Assisting players and coaches with loose basketballs as they warm-up on the floor pregame
• Keeping the basketball floor dry throughout the game
• Helping the players and coaches on the visiting and home team benches
• Assisting with game-night operations as needed

How to Apply


Ballkids must first receive an application. The application process consists of a written essay and furnishing of grades from the previous year. Earning good grades is an important evaluation criterion to make sure the kids have a solid scholastic standing, and therefore have the time required to do the Ballkid job properly.